Welcome to the new era of agriculture

Grow anywhere, anytime.

At Verde Compacto we develop indoor farming systems with vertical hydroponics technology. We create solutions through innovation and technology to reinvent the way we produce and consume our food today.

Our innovative container farm, where you can grow up to 5000 m2 in just 30m2.

Starting at $115,000 USD.

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Custom made farms:

Scale your production to your ideal space with the same Huvster technology. We create the farm that meets all your needs, whether it´s a warehouse farm or a custom container farm.

Our development team will accompany you throughout the process.

Fresh vegetables,
local produced...

Anytime, anywhere.

Today we offer the opportunity to grow, sell and consume locally grown vegetables in a sustainable way. With our highly productive indoor growing systems equipped with vertical smart hydroponics technology.

We want to make sustainable agriculture simple for everyone!

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