Welcome to the new age of agriculture

Cultivate whenever and wherever.

At Verde Compacto we develop indoor growing systems with vertical hydroponics technology. We create solutions through innovation and technology to reinvent the way we produce and consume our food.

The first farm inside a container in Latin America.

Grow 5000 m2 in just 30m2

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Custom farms:

Scale your production to your ideal space with the same Huvster technology


Fresh vegetables regardless of the season of the year, climate or location.

We want to guarantee the food security of the planet, promoting the production and accessibility of healthy foods and favoring the environment.

Today we offer the opportunity to grow, sell and consume vegetables locally with highly productive and intelligent indoor growing systems with vertical hydroponics technology and automated environment control systems.

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A common dream

Our style of business is evolving at an exponential rate like never before in the history of mankind, given by advances in technology that have allowed us to create a

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