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Our style of business is evolving at an exponential rate like never before in the history of mankind, given by advances in technology that have allowed us to create a global market, generating growth of new economies hand in hand with an accelerated population increase where people More and more we aspire to increase the quality of life, being more and more demanding with the products we consume, having as a priority our health and that of our families, where food plays a fundamental role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Now, when we think of eating healthy, the first thing many of us think of is a salad or a colorful, fresh lettuce and find it every time we go to the supermarket, but for this lettuce to reach the supermarket it has to travel 3,700 km on average at level Worldwide, this is the same distance between Mexico City and San Francisco California, generating excessive pollution from transportation that takes it fast and “fresh” to the point of sale. In addition, to produce this lettuce under traditional methods, approximately 10 liters of water are used, but 6 liters of these are wasted due to bad irrigation practices and poor management of farmland. Agriculture is responsible for 79% of water consumption worldwide, wasting more than 60% of what it consumes. As if this were not enough, it is very likely that the next lettuce you are going to eat is contaminated with pesticides that damage your health and the environment.

This is just a simple example of how agriculture works at a global level, which has led us to overexploit the food industry and especially the agricultural fields to the extent that today it is unsustainable to continue to produce enough food for the world population that seeks to consume fresh products of the highest quality at any season of the year regardless of whether it is in season or not. This is why the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) predicts that if we do not change the way we produce and consume our food today, we will enter a severe global food crisis by 2050 as we will go from 7 billion to 9 one billion people in the world. So, how are we going to feed the world? Here is the real challenge as a society if we want future generations to maintain the quality of life we ​​have today.

That is why in 2016, together with my partner Jorge Lizardi, we founded Verde Compacto, with the aim of revolutionizing agribusiness and the way we consume our food. Today we are already a team of more than 15 people that works every day to create solutions through innovation and technology to guarantee the food safety of the planet in a sustainable way, allowing access to fresh vegetables to all.

Our first solution brought to the market is the IIIIhuvster, a cultivation system that allows breaking the current value chain of agriculture, we seek that with these “farms” the producer can now grow vegetables of the highest quality in nutritional value and freshness at the return of consumers’ equine, avoiding intermediaries in the process, which now also allows empowering this “new generation of farmers” with the assurance that 365 days a year regardless of the weather, place and without risk of pests may be producing vegetables for nearby communities. This is achieved since the IIIIhuvster is a farm built inside a 40 feet (30 m2) sea container where its productivity in one year is equivalent to a production of 5,000 m2 of lettuce under traditional methods, now using only .5 liters of water. to produce a lettuce and without the need to use chemicals that are harmful to health or the environment.

Sabemos que una sola solución no será suficiente para alcanzar la seguridad alimenticia del planeta, es por esto que en Verde Compacto seguimos creando soluciones que nos permitan llegar a más personas, estas van desde sistemas de cultivo más pequeños que puedan ser instalados dentro de supermercados, restaurantes, casas y departamentos. Hasta crear comunidades virtuales en donde el consumidor y productores locales que tengan productos de alto valor nutrimental producidos bajo buenas practicas, puedan ser enlazados y así fomentar el consumo y producción sustentable local. Estos son solo unos ejemplos del sueño que Verde Compacto tiene y sabemos que para lograrlo tenemos que sumar la mayor cantidad de personas, empresas y organizaciones a esta visión de cambiar el mundo empezando por la base que es la alimentación.

Este blog es para esto, aquí se estará escribiendo sobre avances tecnológicos, tendencias, alimentación, innovación y sobre como es que en Verde Compacto estamos generando un mayor impacto. Queremos que tu como lector puedas estar cerca de nosotros y estar informado sobre lo que esta sucediendo y así puedas ser parte de esta aventura hacia la seguridad alimenticia del planeta.

¡Bienvenido a la nueva era de la agricultura!

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