GreensCo: Hydroponic vegetables and microgreens

Learn the story of Jesús Ojeda, founder of GreensCo.

Jesús Ojeda is an entrepreneur and innovator in every sense of the word. He and his family have been involved in agriculture-related businesses for years. Their experience and success in the field as well as their spirit to change the way of seeing agriculture has led them to research trends and sustainability.

Huvster Jesus Ojeda Container Farm

“We have been working in traditional agriculture for some time, it is the family business, we had several projects to grow in greenhouses and other cultivation methods, but all in the field”

In 2019 Jesus Ojeda has the first approach with Verde Compacto within the Agri-Food Expo held in the city of Irapuato, this would be the decisive point to carry out the project that had already been in his head for several years.

“I started to see indoor farming or vertical farming abroad and I had an idea, but I didn’t know how likely it was or how affordable it was to do it in Mexico, it was at the 2019 Food Expo where I found Verde Compacto and I realized that this is what I was looking for; a system that would allow me to cultivate in a completely sustainable way “

A dream come true

This is how GreensCo: Vegetales y microgreens Hidropónicos, becomes our first member of the Verde Compacto family in Mexico. Its proposal to offer hydroponic vegetable products of the highest quality and its value relationship with its customers based on sustainability and freshness makes us feel proud to be part of the beginning of this great story.

Greensco, Jesus ojeda fundador de Greensco, vegetales y microgreens hidroponicos
Jesus Ojeda, founder and CEO of GreensCo, the first in Mexico to grow hydroponic vegetables and micro greens inside a container farm

“It means a lot to me to start this project, what causes me the most are nerves since I want to do things well; It is a great responsibility and it fills me a lot to be one of the first to do this; I want people to realize that we are doing things to offer high quality and more sustainable plant products “

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